pro aqua flow cell

A pro aqua diamond electrode consists of boron-doped diamond particles that are integrated in a polymer matrix as carrier material. One or more of the diamond electrodes is then installed in a pro aqua flow cell. The diagram shows the schematic structure of a flow-through cell with two built-in diamond electrodes.


The mode of operation of the diamond electrode is bi-polar and is supplied with energy by contact electrodes. An active area is available on both sides of the diamond electrode because of the special arrangement of the diamond particles. Therefore, beside the positive electrode there is a negative potential (cathode) and beside the negative contact electrode there is a positive potential (anode).


Depending on such parameters as conductivity, degree of pollution, aim of reduction, etc., one or more diamond electrodes are installed in order to produce the necessary oxidizers OH-radicals (OH•), ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), chlorine (Cl) etc. directly from the (waste) water (=electrolyte). The oxidizers then decompose organic pollution or prevent bacteriological activity (disinfection).


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