Fresh, clear rain-water is ideal for use in your home and garden. During the warm seasons, however, using rain-water is often problematic, since algae formation takes place after a few days in cisterns and, most of all, in rain-water tanks, and this causes the water to become murky and odorous. This is prevented with the Rain-Fresher, and the rain-water retains its natural quality.


You can use the Rain-Fresher in cisterns for use at home and in the garden as well as in rain-water tanks. The Rain-Fresher requires a DC power supply for operation. A mains adapter with connection to the domestic household power supply (socket for 230 V/AC) is available for this purpose. Those who do not have a socket or prefer alternative energy sources can draw on our solar cells. The use of solar energy with the solar cell is eco-friendly and the energy generated is free.



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Rain-Fresher – product for avoiding algae and strange smell of rain water