The Oxy3-Car is representative for a sustainable and long-term odour removal and disinfection of vehicle interior. Whether Oxy3-Car is used for cars, oldtimers, caravans and trailers or minibuses, taxis, trucks, vans and other vehicles, the Oxy3-Car can be used for any imaginable vehicle. Montage and commissioning are done in a few minutes, the process itself runs fully automatically. The removal of odour and the disinfection are achieved by an innovative combination procedure of ozone, active-oxygen and steam. This procedure ensures – scientifically proven and confirmed – disinfection (> log5).


Product range extended!

pro aqua has extensive expertise in disinfection and decomposition of organic material in liquids, as well as in cleaning/disinfection of surfaces. The expansion of our corporate activities in the area of air was a logical and consequent step. A competent partner could be found in Oxy3 Ozongeräte Produktion GmbH. In close cooperation we did a re-engineering and a redesign of the proven product Oxy3-Car and placed the new Oxy3-Car on the market in April 2020.


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Oxy3-Car OC-102