Diamond Electrode

The pro aqua diamond electrodes constitute the core technology and the centerpiece of all pro aqua products. The base material of the electrode, fitted with boron-doped diamond particles, is fluorinated and thus, plastic that is resistant to chemicals. The boron doping ensures the electrical conductivity of the diamond particles which, per se, do not have any electrical conductivity. In this manner, it is ensured that the special electrochemical properties of the boron-doped diamonds can be used in electrolysis.


Please refer to the following table for basic information about the pro aqua diamond electrode. One feature of the pro aqua diamond electrode is that its size can be adapted to your needs. Diamond electrodes smaller than the standard size can be produced to a minimum size of 10 mm * 10 mm. Designs beyond the standard size are limited to 540mm in width. The diamond electrodes can be produced in and endless length.


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