ALGAE can become a problem in any aquarium. The Aquarium-Fresher is an innovative water treatment system that allows you to effectively combat algae and improve the water quality in your freshwater aquarium – all without chemicals.


At the core of the Aquarium-Fresher is our unique diamond electrode. Through the process of water electrolysis this electrode releases the oxygen (O) within water molecules (H2O). This atomic oxygen breaks down organic matter (such as algae or suspended solids) and pure molecular oxygen (O2) is released into the water, benefiting your aquarium flora and fauna.


Resulting advantages: Algae growth is limited and prevented, the water becomes clear and clean, and the oxygen concentration increases. Connected with this comes a considerable reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs and efforts, and you will enjoy your fresh-water aquarium all the more.


Aquarium-Fresher ensures clean aquarium water and no algae in aquarium

Aquarium-Fresher – product for water treatment in aquarium



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