20.12.2016 pro aqua rounds off a successful year with the Vienna Pet Fair
2016 has been a very successful year for pro aqua, particularly for our Aquarium-Fresher product. A highlight was exhibiting at Aqua-Fisch in Friedrichshafen in March and the Vienna Pet Fair in December.
The Vienna Pet Fair, which takes place at the Vienna Trade Fair, is the largest Austrian pet fair. A particular focus of the event was aquaristics. Over two days (December 3-4), we welcomed a stream of visitors at our Aquarium-Fresher booth, and talked with many interesting aquarists, from amateurs to experts. One such expert was Patrick Tillich, a successful Austrian aquascaper, who has been using the Aquarium-Fresher since 2015, and is very pleased with it.
As well as being a good opportunity to meet and hear from our customers, the pet fair also gave us the chance to meet with our Vienna distributors (David Benno from Aquarium Wien and Matthias Jesenko from Garnelaxia).
With the encouragement of these two trade shows, and the positive feedback from our Aquarium-Fresher customers, we confidently look forward to another good year in 2017.
pro aqua Aquarium-Fresher at a pet fair

Aquarium-Fresher at Pet Fair in Vienna

15.09.2016 pro aqua takes off internationally

Pro aqua is experiencing a significant increase in international demand. Foreign buyers have been expressing great interest in pro aqua’s technology and its applications to industry.


Pro aqua is a specialist company that produces water purification and disinfection systems using boron doped diamond electrode technology. This innovative technology has established us as a top player in the international market over the last few years. As a result, our water treatment and disinfection products are widely used in the agricultural, pool and food industries in the US, Canada, Spain and the UK.


Pro Aqua is now seeking to expand beyond these core markets. In the near future pro aqua will be producing a drinking water treatment system for the Asian market, in collaboration with a Chinese partner. This multi-stage system will include pre-filtration and mineralization, and feature measurement technology and a control app. Closer to home, pro aqua is confident that their innovative water treatment products, Rain-Fresher and Aquarium-Fresher, will continue to assure their position in the German speaking market.


pro aqua ceo

pro aqua managing board

11.03.2016 Aquarium-Fresher arouses interest at the 2016 Aqua Fisch

The Aqua Fisch Fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany) is an international trade fair promoting fishkeeping and fishing. With more than 21,000 visitors it is one of the largest fairs of its kind in the German-speaking part of Europe.


The interest in our Aquarium-Fresher-stand at the fair—which ran from March 4-6—was pleasantly high. Our aquarium on display, needless to say with our Aquarium Fresher in use, attracted so many curious glances that it led to interesting conversations with numerous onlookers. What our visitors were particularly interested in was the product technology and the functionality of the Aquarium-Fresher, and our stand was abuzz with enthusiastic activity. Quite a few visitors even said the Aquarium-Fresher was the most innovative product at the entire fair.

In the course of countless conversations with our visitors, we were able to feel their passion for fishkeeping. It really didn’t surprise us at all to learn that some of our visitors have over 50 aquariums that they call their own.


We were particularly pleased to have been able to welcome several well-known experts in the fishkeeping field, as well as a group of aquarium aficionados, the Aquarienfreunde Tirol, who will be hosting their Fifth Aqua Day on April 17, 2016 with 1,000 fellow fishkeeping enthusiasts.

Aquarium-Fresher at Aqua Fisch

Aquarium-Fresher at Aqua Fisch 2016

25.02.2016 Aquarium-Fresher now available in the classic design

Responding to an ever-increasing demand for alternatives, pro aqua has come up with a Classic Design to complement its Aquarium Fresher in the Fish Design. Starting now aquarium owners can choose between the two: Fish or Classic Design.


The Aquarium Fresher is enjoying an ever-increasing demand particularly from the aquascaping and naturescaping sectors. To do justice to the optical preferences in these areas of fishkeeping, the cover of the Aquarium Fresher was adapted to take on a more Classic Design (see image).

The new design in a simple, neutral black encases the electrolysis unit: the technical heart of the Aquarium Fresher. The rectangular cube-shaped product casing has minimal slotted vent openings on all four sides. They are responsible for enabling the ideal dosage of molecular oxygen (O2) produced by the water electrolysis to be released into the aquarium water. More information...


The electolysis unit inside the fresher ensures the reduction of algae in aquarium

Aquarium-Fresher – classic

30.09.2015 Aquarium-Fresher is the top attraction at the exhibition “Haustier Aktuell & Exotica” on current and exotic pets

With more than 13,000 visitors, the “Haustier Aktuell” held in Neustadt in Vienna, is one of the biggest trade fairs that has everything to do with dogs, cats and other pets. In the course of the current year’s trade fair show (5th to 6th September), the “Exotica” was also held there that is a trade fair for fish-keeping and reptile-keeping.


With an impressive design of the stand at the trade fair, the Aquarium-Fresher was the most exciting attraction for the visitors. As a matter of fact, we were pleased with the large number of visitors to our stand. Visitors to our stand were particularly interested in the technology and the favourable characteristics of the Aquarium-Fresher. Visitors to our stand could see and satisfy themselves of the favourable impact (clear water, no algae growth) that our 60 litre “demo aquarium” could demonstrate, in which the Aquarium-Fresher has already been in operation for more than two years. They were inspired by the crystal clear and algae-free water.


Another highlight at the trade fair was our meeting with Patrick Tillich, one of the most popular Austrian aquascaper. He, too, has already deployed our Aquarium-Fresher in his aquaria and is highly impressed with the product. For more about his summary on the Aquarium-Fresher visit Extrem-Test Aquarium-Fresher.


Aquarium-Fresher at Haustier Aktuell fairAquarium-Fresher at “Haustier Aktuell”

16.04.2015: Clean and algae-free freshwater aquaria with the Aquarium-Fresher
The Aquarium-Fresher is the latest product from pro aqua and is available from April at und and shortly, it shall also be available with select specialist aquarium dealers.


Many of the problems arising in freshwater aquaria such as e.g. algae growth and fishes or plants dying are attributable to lack of oxygen availability. The Aquarium-Fresher with an integrated electrolysis unit causes the oxygen (O) bound in the water (H2O) molecule to get released. In this manner, it is available directly and in concentrated form as molecular oxygen to the water in the aquarium.


In the summer of 2012 itself, the first Aquarium-Fresher was commissioned at Pfeifer Aquaristik and Heimtierbedarf (fish-keeping and pet supplies) in Bruck an der Mur (Austria). After a successful testing phase of one year, a large number of customers have been provided with the system. The findings obtained demonstrate that an Aquarium-Fresher that is operated optimally makes a significant contribution to the ideal oxygen content in the aquarium water. Associated with this effect, the Aquarium-Fresher ensures clean and clear aquarium water as well as healthy fishes and plants. Moreover, there is also a very low likelihood of algae formation. More informationen…


the aquarium-fresher ensures a clear aquariumwater and no alga

Aquarium-Fresher – algaefree aquarium


01.09.2014: Rainfresher enjoys global demand

Rainfresher has been a member of the pro aqua range of products since 2013. By now, this product has been in operation in Australia, Canada, Kenya, England, Belgium, Germany and Austria.


With a diamond electrode inside, it produces active oxygen directly from rainwater. Prevention of bacterial growth as well as avoiding the growth of algae is ensured without adding chemical substances or other materials.


The Rainfresher was initially designed for ensuring appropriate rain water quality in water butts and water reservoirs (cisterns). But, in the meantime, the areas of application have become more diverse. So far, our customers are using the Rainfresher for water reservoirs (using rain water in the house for toilets and washing machines), for agriculture and even for rainwater pools. Moreover, the Rainfresher is also undergoing tests for drinking water purification in developing countries. More informationen…


The rainfresher ensures algaefree rainwater and no more strange smell

Rain-Fresher – rainwater stabilization

20.03.2014: pro aqua won water price Styria

Every two years the province of Styria honours special achievements and projects against water protection and water knowledge. Pro aqua was nominated in the category “Water Supply” with the project “AOP drinking water disinfection system for objects in exposed locations such as mountain huts and shelters” and won the first price resp. € 1.200,00.


pro aqua won water pricepro aqua won water price

23.01.2014: drinking water disinfection

In May 2013, the first pro aqua Drinking Water Disinfection system was put into operation at a serviced alpine hut. The hut is supplied with water from a tapped spring which does not meet the microbiological requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. The system was in operation for the entire hut season, ending in October 2013. During this time, the system was scientifically monitored and examined by the Montanuniversität Leoben.


Conclusion: Until the end of October, not a single technical malfunction was reported, and all microbiological analyses have documented that the treated spring water is safe to drink.


pro aqua diamond electrode

boron doped diamond electrode – core technology of pro aqua