The idea of boron doped diamond electrodes!

Dr. Wolfgang Staber and Dr. Michael Schelch are the partners at pro aqua diamond electrode production Ltd. Both are the co-inventors and co-holders of patents protecting diamond electrode products, their production and usage.


The idea to develop a diamond electrode was born in 2002 and patented in the same year. The entrepreneurial implementation started as a spin-off project at the Center for Applied Technology of Montanuniversitaet Leoben (University of Leoben, www.unileoben.ac.at). In 2004, pro aqua diamond electrode production Ltd (in short pro aqua) was founded.


pro aqua diamond electrodeboron doped diamond electrode of pro aqua


Research and Development on the highest quality standard! 

The first years were marked by the product development of a diamond electrode on a metallic substrate. Various processes for the application of diamond particles to the substrate were tested. In the end, none of these processes were really convincing or generated a stable diamond electrode designed for long-term operation.

In 2006, the diamond electrode concept was restructured, and a polymer matrix was chosen as a substrate. Since the beginning of 2008, a diamond electrode on a polymer substrate has been available. The pro aqua polymer diamond electrode has proven to operate successfully and with longevity for diverse purposes.


From technology to application systems!

Many customers are not interested diamond electrode per se, but the benefit of the application. We have therefore accommodated our customer’s requests, and the company has developed from a mere diamond electrode producer, to a producer of application systems. A variety of products and technologies for the food, swimming-pool, and waste-water industry and private use are now available. Now the pro aqua also offers application systems for the drinkingwater, rainwater and aquariumwater. We are now well known both in the B2B and B2C segments.


In order to optimally serve our customers, in particular in the B2C segment, we’ve relaunched our Aquarium-Fresher Online-Shop in 2018. At www.aquariumfresher.com you will find all information about our aquarium water treatment system. The Rain-Fresher is still available on Amazon.


pro aqua ceo

Dr. Wolfgang Staber, MBA

Dr. Michael Schelch

managing board pro aqua diamond electrode production Ltd.